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A Greg Louganis Trio


Day 29, Cocktail 28  

Unusually warm and summer like weather hit SE Wisconsin last weekend which sent us into a flurry of activity to get the pool open a week earlier than normal.  All day Saturday was spent cleaning and arranging so that the Patio Lounge and Pool Club would be ready for Sunday.  This is where the action is during the summer months while we take a break from the Twilight Lounge.   

Sunday dawned sunny and warm as forecast, and it was time to enjoy the fruits of yesterday’s (and even Sunday morning’s) hard work.  Greg was the first of our friends to show up and a little later Andrea came by with her two kids.  After some initial swimming and splashing it didn’t take long to hear them and Gwen clamoring for an opening day cocktail.   

I gave it a few moments of thought and then started to mix.  Let’s see…rum…St. Germain…lemon juice…tonic water…this might just work out.  After a bit of tinkering we were all (well, except Greg who was still nursing Saturday night’s hangover) enjoying a new, refreshing poolside cocktail.  But what to call it?  The Opening Day?  Naw.  The Cannonball?  Better, but still a bit lame.  The jacknife?  We just weren’t getting anywhere fast.  Then brilliance hit Greg as he called “The Greg Louganis”!  I immediately saw the brilliance and also grabbed the Peychauds.  If we were going to call this the Greg Louganis I needed a small pool of red floating at the top of this clear drink.  And thus, it was done!  

  Greg Louganis 

  • 3 oz Mt. Gay light rum
  • 1 oz St. Germain
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • tonic water
  • Peychaud’s bitters

Fill a 20 oz acrylic tumbler (hey, it is for the pool!) with ice.  Add the Mt. Gay, St. Germain and lemon juice and stir.  Top with tonic water and add a dash of Peychauds.  Garnish with a cherry. 

Grab your floatie and hit the pool with this in your hand for a relaxing afternoon. 


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  1. Super awesome read! Honest.

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