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Day 38, Cocktails 29, 30, 31

As I mentioned Tuesday, last Thursday was the Sporting Fraternity event held at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge.  Mark Stoffel and I went to the 9 o’clock seating, wondering just what we were getting in to.  The theme that our hosts Chad Doll and Katie Rose put together was roots.  We wondered how this would work…and the answer was wonderfully!

The three cocktails that I had are presented here.  Thanks to Chad and Katie for allowing me to publish their creations!  I have not included exact measures as it is unlikely that the various homemade flavorings would be used by me or you.

The Lion’s Tooth consisted of Plymouth gin, dandelion root simple, fresh lemon juice, champagne and dandelion tincture.  It was served up in a coupe with nearly the entire bowl sugared and a large lemon peel floating on top.  This was a very nice apertif cocktail, not too sweet and not to strong.  There was just enough gin to provide a base, but the flavor was subtle and in the background.  The dandelion flavors were nice and subtle.  I definately enjoyed this cocktail.

My second cocktail of the evening was the Charles Hires Old Fashioned.  It contained Old Weller 107 bourbon (yes, that’s 107 proof), house made root beer syrup and Angostura, Regan’s and Peychaud’s bitters.  The presentation was in a rocks glass with a giant, tennis ball sized round ice cube and and an orange peel garnish.  The flavor was forward with the scent of the orange and had a subtle root beer finish.  Again, the bourbon was a nice base that supported the entire drink.  While I’m not likely to make my own root beer syrup I hope that I can hit Chad or Katie up for this one again.

Finally, as a digestive cocktail I ordered the Heart Attack and Vine.  This cocktail consisted of ruby port, Creme de Framboise, ginger syrup and fresh mint.  Another outstanding effort.  I’ve always enjoyed port and just a hint came through along with the ginger flavor from the syrup.  A great way to end the tasting!

This is the second Sporting Fraternity event Mark and I have attended and we’ve been delighted each time.  Check out their website for the next scheduled event and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


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