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Day 52, Cocktail 48

Ok, this is a quick break from Polish Fest mania…I stopped by the Bomb Shelter to try out the new Batch 19 from MillerCoors.  A brewmaster at Coors found an old log book from 1919 a few years ago that contained the formula for what is now Batch 19.  MillerCoors this spring brewed a limited amount of this old style lager.  In fact, it is only available in 5 cities, Milwaukee counting as one of those 5.  And within Milwaukee, there are only 6 establishments that have it.  That is what I call a limited release!

Now, as most of you know, I’m not a big beer guy, but I do enjoy a well crafted beer from time to time.  So I ordered one up and have to say, it was good.  Full bodied, lovely, grainy taste and slightly bitter on the finish.  It was a treat to drink the same kind of beer my great grandfather did.  I highly recommend getting yourself to the Bomb Shelter soon to try this one!


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