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Day 64, Cocktail 60

My exploration of grapefruit juice continues today (hey, it’s a 64 oz bottle!) with a cocktail called the Salt Lake Special.  Your guess is as good as mine as far as where the name for this drink came from.  Thankfully, it does taste much better than Salt Lake does!

This drink features Galliano.  I’ve worked a bit with Galliano in the past.  However, it is one of those bottles that once purchased seems to be around for a long time.  An herbal liqueur that has been around since 1896, it is named in honor of Guiseppe Galliano, a hero of the first Italian – Ethiopian war (really?).  Anise is the predominant flavor in Galliano, but it is softened by vanilla, ginger and citrus flavors.  It is an 84.6 proof spirit, putting it up there for a liqueur.

  Salt Lake Special

  • 3/4 oz Galliano
  • 3/4 oz gin
  • 2 oz grapefruit juice
  • 1 dash Agnosturo bitters
  • lemon lime soda

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with 4-5 ice cubes.  Shake to mix.  Strain into a collins glass over filled 3/4 with ice cubes.  Top with lemon lime soda.

At first I felt that the Galliano was a bit overpowering for this.  But, as the ice has melted down it has smoothed out the rich anise flavor and helped bring the grapefruit back into play.  On the whole, this has been a nice, refreshing cocktail.  It has hit the spot after cutting the grass tonight and would be a good dinner pairing with a spicy, summer dish.


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  1. […] I’ve recently decided to slim down the number of different liqueurs that I have at the Twilight Lounge (33 or 34 at last count) and have been using up the items I’m not planning on stocking anymore.  One of those items is my bottle of Galliano.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I have several other anisette flavored liqueurs, and outside of Harvey Wallbangers, I haven’t found much to do with it (ok, so there are two cocktails I made with it during my 365 day journey, the Powerhouse and the Salt Lake Special).  […]

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