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Day 118, Cocktail 116

The Rock Crest Lodge in Custer, SD has been home since Monday for us.  We’ve enjoyed some amazing sights, including Devil’s Tower, Mt. Rushmore and Badlands National Park.  We’ve had some less than amazing dining experiences and the new cocktail opportunities have been few and far between. 

One dining and cocktail experience that was above average was at the Buglin’ Bull right here in Custer.  They had a reasonable st0cked bar and were working on their speciality cocktail list.  Not wanting to miss a chance at something new I asked to see it.  Our waitress brought over a typewritten manuscript filled with cocktail recipes.  A cocktail called the bulltini immediately caught my eye since it included Lillet – pretty high end stuff.  Unfortunately, it also included Ketel One vodka and Beefeater Gin.  Sound familar?  It should since it’s the Vesper of James Bond fame!  A quick conversation with the bartender cleared that up.  They did have another cocktail that was their own creation that I did try. 

  Custer’s Stand

  • Bacardi O Rum
  • Tuaca liqueur
  • lemon lime soda

This cocktail is served on the rocks and gives a nice blend of citrus and vanilla with a nutty tones.  A nice cocktail that was new to us!  This was the first time I’d come across Tuaca (although we have since seen it featured a number of tourist trap bars in Deadwood and Keystone this week).  It’s a brandy based spirit, infused with citrus and spices and it’s seventy proof.  I’ve yet to try it on its own, so that will come later.

I don’t know that I’ll have anything else new to report on until we get home Sunday.  In the meantime, we’re enjoying the mountain air and the antique tractor parade going by the lodge this morning!




  1. Tuaca is a tasty after dinner drink. I was given a “free” sample a couple years ago at a BYOB restaurant in Philly. I remember liking it at the time, though I prefer a Single Malt or a Bourbon any day of the week.


    • Do you have any nifty recipes that use Tuaca?

  2. Sadly I don’t. I’ve only had it on one occasion, but I remember liking it very much. From what I’ve seen on your blog, I’m sure you’ll come up with something interesting. 😀

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