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Twilight Lounge – January 25, 2012

So, you’d think I know how to make a martini.  In my sleep.  While dreaming of being stung on the ass by a scorpion.  Only to wake up to find out it’s a wasp stinging my ass.  In bed, under the covers (true story).  You’d think.  And you’d be wrong…oh boy.

So I made a martini for the second gin in my random gin review series…and it also was too much vermouth.  The same criticism I had of the New Amsterdam gin in my review of it.  Oh boy.  So I made another martini, with only 1/4 oz of dry vermouth, rather than 1/2 oz (as I had insisted was my recipe in the New Amsterdam review).  What do you know…it tasted like a martini should.  Oh boy.

So in fairness to New Amsterdam, I made another martini using it and my corrected recipe (3 oz gin, 1/4 oz dry vermouth, 1 dash Agnostura bitters, 3 cocktail olives, no filling).  And?  It was better.  The citrus notes of the New Amsterdam are much more prevalent, and in somewhat of a surprise, the briney saltiness of the olives compliments the gin.  I do still miss the powerful juniper flavor of a London Dry, and this still reminds more of a citrus flavored vodka than gin, but it’s OK.


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