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Milwaukee, WI – January 27, 2012

Friday night and in no mood to cook…so what to do?  A quick flip through the entertainment book and viola, there it was, a coupon for Kiku.  Kiku is a Japanese restaurant in the heart of downtown Milwaukee and was voted Best Sushi in The Shepard Express reader’s poll for two years running.  Not a sushi fan?  No worries, they also have a complete tempura, teriyaki and noodle menu as well.

As usual, Gwen and I had a cocktail before our dinner.  I tried the TyKu Tini (at least it wasn’t called a martini – I can live with that!).  It was pretty basic, consisting of Ketel One Citroen and TyKu.  Mostly TyKu at that.  I enjoy TyKu, having created a number of cocktails that use it.  This was a bit on the bland side.  It tasted like TyKu (which is fine) with a dash of lemon.  I would have liked a third flavor component as well (sake?  a bit of ginger?  lychee fruit?).  However, it did make an agreeable compliment to the sushi we had for dinner – which was very generous in portions and very good.

I definitely recommend Kiku, the sushi and the cocktails.  Give ’em a try!


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