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June 7, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

 I was travelling the East Coast last week with Brian, one of my business associates.  It was just about noon and we were approaching downtown Philadelphia.  Out of the blue Brian said “You want a cheese steak for lunch?”  “Sure,” I replied.  I did a quick search for original Philly cheesesteaks on the Blackberry and was quickly directed to Geno’s.  As soon as I saw the website I knew this was the place I had seen profiled on TV as THE original cheesesteak.  We punched the address into the GPS and were there within 15 minutes.

With all due respect of my friends in Philadelphia and to the It’s Just the Booze Dancing crew…we should have kept driving on the interstate.  I’ve had better cheese steaks just about everywhere, including Subway.  It was very bland, plain and boring.  Geno’s might be the original cheese steak, but it’s far from the best.  In fact, as much as it pains me to say this, I had better food in airports on this trip than I did at Geno’s. 

So please, for my next trip to Philly, somebody please tell me where to get the best cheese steak!