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From time to time I across some bit of information that I didn’t know.  This seemed like a good place to share those tidbits!

Polish Sausage (3/3/2012)

This morning I was at the House of Homemade Sausage in Germantown buying the Polish sausage for tonight’s NID dinner.  I got both the fresh and smoked, and was shocked to learn that they are two totally different sausages!  The smoked is made with beef and a completely different seasoning mix from the fresh, which is made with pork.  And I always thought that the smoked was the same except that it had been smoked!

Black Magic Woman

I have always thought that the song “Black Magic Woman” was originally done by Santana for his Abraxas album.  A few years ago I found a “cover” of “Black Magic Woman” performed live by Fleetwood Mac.  While driving home this evening I was listening to the 5 o’clock shadow on Milwaukee’s 88.9.  In order to pay homage to Carlos Santana on his 63rd birthday (which is today), the song was “Black Magic Woman”, covered by Santana, the original having been Fleetwood Mac’s on their English Rose LP.

The Green Bay Packers

Before moving to Wisconsin I always assumed the Packers were named for meat packing.  I think this is understandable given that besides beer and cheese, brats are one of Wisconsin’s leading cultural icons.  Boy, was I wrong.  The Packers are named for all the packaging container (cardboard boxes) that are in the Green Bay area.


  1. Is this the only entry under “I never knew that???” WOW — you must really know lots of stuff already!
    I never knew that the tune for the ABC Song is the same tune for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star —

    • Well, your comment finally makes sense – I had a couple more entries here that had disappeared!

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