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Day 102, Cocktail 101

Nothing like a little plop plop, fizz fizz when you’ve overindulged, heh?

So my dad and step mom arrived today for a visit with us, and we’re glad they’re here.  I made my first cocktail – a gin and tonic – for my dad, oh, about 40 or so years ago.  He’d tell me to fill the glass with ice and then add gin to here, pointing to an imaginary line on the glass and then fill it the rest of the way with tonic.  I was on my way….

So, fast forward, and I decided to treat my dad to a twist on the ‘ol gin and tonic.  I found this recipe last week and it blends Wisconsin’s favorite (no, not bratwursts) with gin. 

  American Fizz

  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz brandy
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz grenadine
  • seltzer water

In your mixing glass combine the gin, brandy, lemon juice and grenadine over ice.  Stir to chill and mix.  Strain into a collins or highball glass filled 2/3 of the way with ice cubes.  Top with seltzer water.

The brandy adds a “darker” flavor to the gin and lemon, providing an almost smoky or woody backbone.  The grenadine softens the lemon juice a bit and adds just the hint of pomengranate and sweetness to pull it all together.  And please, please, please, use real grenadine!  We both enjoyed sipping this refreshing cocktail as we got caught up with each other.

Over the next few days I’ll do a little more exploring of the fizz genre of cocktails.  Basically, a fizz consists of a base liquor, a citrus juice (typically lemon) and soda water.  Variants of the fizz have been around since the dawn of cocktails in the early 1800’s.  The Ramos Fizz may be the most famous in cocktail circles, but I’ll bet anything that the fizz you’re familiar with is the Sloe Gin Fizz (it sure worked for me at the Gear Ball).  Stay tuned!