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Day 186, Cocktail 183

Thursday night found me at Ivee’s for Beat Stan at Trivia night (among other things).  Yes, I did lose, once.  I also won five or six times during the night, so I think Idid alright.  Normally I would sip on a Manhattan made with Maker’s Mark or maybe a gin and tonic, but since I’m in the midst of Halloween week I needed something appropriate.  I checked with Davey Iverson, the Thursday night bartender, to see if he had Black Cherry flavored vodka.  I was in luck, he did.  So, my cocktail of the evening was Dracula’s Kiss.  Just like Dracula, it’s sweet at first, but if you have enough you’ll find yourself asleep!

  Dracula’s Kiss

  • 1 oz Black Cherry flavored vodka
  • 1/2 oz grenadine
  • cola

Pour the grenadine into a rocks glass and give it a good swirl to coat the glass.  Fill the glass with ice, add the vodka and then top with cola.  Give a quick stir and garnish with a cherry.

The black cherry and grenadine blend very nicely with the cola to make this very much like cherry coke, just not quite as sweet.  I enjoyed it and it is a great Halloween cocktail for your friends that don’t like boozy drinks.