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Fargo, ND – January 17, 2012

I know, I’m skipping around chronologically, but I just can’t let this one go…

I was in Fargo in mid-January during the coldest snap of this winter, with temps in the minus 15 range – before the wind chill!  I and my associates stopped at will remain an unnamed beer and burger joint.  Frankly, the beers, burgers and beer cheese dip for the fries were all very good.  But now, I was ready for dessert.  Problem was, there really weren’t any dessert items on the menu.  However, no worries as I had seen root beer floats on the menu before ordering dinner.  Sooooo, I asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  “We don’t have any ice cream,” our erstwhile (and brain dead) waitress deadpanned.  Sure you do I told her…you have root beer floats on the menu, you must have vanilla ice cream.  “I’ll have to ask if it’s OK,” she replied … my, the service level here is just knocking me over!

About 5 minutes later she comes back with a bowl filled with vanilla ice cream – very freezer burned vanilla ice cream.  “You don’t sell many root beer floats, do you?” I wisecracked.  All I got back from her was a very puzzled look.  Clearly her brain had been frozed a long time ago.  So, I did get my dessert…but really wished she had made my night by telling me I couldn’t have the ice cream, or that they were out, or (best answer yet), they had some but it was freezer burned and not up to their standards.

Oh well….

June 30, 2011 – Fargo, ND

One of the benefits of my job is getting to find neat cocktail lounges in places I’d never otherwise visit.  The HoDo Lounge in downtown Fargo is just one of those places.

It is located in the historic Hotel Donaldson and draws a crowd as eclectic as the drink menu.  The band added to the fun, playing a mix of original music and covers that kept the crowd moving all night long. 

The first drink that I had was the Firetruck.  It was an amazing cocktail that consisted of St. Germain, seltzer water, and (drum roll please) 10 year old Laphroaig.  Even though there was just a 1/4 oz of the Laphroaig in this drink it comes through loud and clear.  The St. Germain sweetens this up just a bit and softens the peaty flavor of the Laphroig, while the seltzer makes this a tall glass sipper that is refreshing.  An inventive and very interesting cocktail.

The second cocktail of the night was the unusually named Cucular Caley (pictured).  A melange of pomegranate vodka, Hendricks gin, Sailor Jerry rum and cucumbers, all topped with a bit of seltzer, this was an amazing drink.  It was slightly sweet, slightly spicy and slightly fruity, yet still boozy enough to remind me that it packs a punch.  Kudos to the staff for this fantastic cocktail!

With that it was time for me to head back to my hotel and get a good nights sleep before my drive back to Milwaukee.  You can be sure, though, that I’m looking forward to my next visit to Fargo!