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Fargo, ND – January 17, 2012

I know, I’m skipping around chronologically, but I just can’t let this one go…

I was in Fargo in mid-January during the coldest snap of this winter, with temps in the minus 15 range – before the wind chill!  I and my associates stopped at will remain an unnamed beer and burger joint.  Frankly, the beers, burgers and beer cheese dip for the fries were all very good.  But now, I was ready for dessert.  Problem was, there really weren’t any dessert items on the menu.  However, no worries as I had seen root beer floats on the menu before ordering dinner.  Sooooo, I asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  “We don’t have any ice cream,” our erstwhile (and brain dead) waitress deadpanned.  Sure you do I told her…you have root beer floats on the menu, you must have vanilla ice cream.  “I’ll have to ask if it’s OK,” she replied … my, the service level here is just knocking me over!

About 5 minutes later she comes back with a bowl filled with vanilla ice cream – very freezer burned vanilla ice cream.  “You don’t sell many root beer floats, do you?” I wisecracked.  All I got back from her was a very puzzled look.  Clearly her brain had been frozed a long time ago.  So, I did get my dessert…but really wished she had made my night by telling me I couldn’t have the ice cream, or that they were out, or (best answer yet), they had some but it was freezer burned and not up to their standards.

Oh well….