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Day 192, Cocktail 190

Wednesday night marked the return of the Men’s League.  The Reverend Horton Heat at Turner Hall Ballroom was on the menu – I really like his hard driving rockabilly style and what’s not to like when you have not just a song but a whole album named It’s Martini Time? 

As usual, the first stop of the night was Bryant’s for a cocktail.  John Dye was behind the bar when we arrived and I asked for something in gin.  John whipped up a no name (read – original) cocktail that consisted of Hendricks, Aquavit (a caraway flavored neutral grain spirit), Cointreau and lemon juice.  The caraway really pops in this, giving the drink a spicy, almost peppery flavor.  It was a very interesting combination and went down all too easy.

Unfortunately, we only had time for one at Bryant’s before moving on the show.  The Reverend was fantastic, pounding out all his favorites, including It’s Martini Time, Suicide Doors and Big Red Rocket of Love.