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Day 359, Cocktail 360

While the new job has kept me busy, fortunately, there are opportunities to try new cocktails.  Last night was just one of those opportunities.  While at a local hangout in the Dells I had the chance to try a cocktail called the Cherry Drop.  Yes, it was made with flavored vodka, but….it was easier than try to teach the bartender to make something new…  Truth be told, it was nice, refreshing cocktail.  It consisted of white cherry vodka, lemon juice, bar syrup and was topped with seltzer water.  The sugared rim was a bit over the top, but it was a nice, refreshing sipper.  I’m sure this would have tasted even better on a warm summer day poolside!

So, I’m really into the home stretch now, with just five cocktails to go in the next six days.  Stay tuned as the journey hits its last few laps!