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No new cocktails to report on, unfortunately.  Gwen and I left home yesterday after work to begin our drive to Boulder for the weekend.  My expected destination for the evening was Des Moines, where I hoped to find an interesting cocktail lounge, try a new drink then off to bed.  Little did I know that there is more to Iowa than watching corn grow.  We could not find a hotel room within 30 miles of Des Moines, ending up half way to Omaha.  Apparently the Iowa State Fair began yesterday as well and the whole state has taken a break from watching corn grow to come to Des Moines and eat food on a stick.  The best line of the night was from a hotel clerk who offered that she must be full because of Sturgis.  As in bike week, which is also going on now.  The only problem is we are still 500 miles from Sturgis!

Oh well, tonight we’ll be in Boulder and I should be able to either mix up a new cocktail or enjoy one out.