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Try a beehive!


Day 67, Cocktail 63 

Tonight it’s the B-52’s at Summerfest, and what better way to get ready for the show than a Beehive? 


  • 1-1/2 oz bourbon
  • 3/4 oz krupnik
  • 2 oz grapefruit juice

Combine the ingredients in a shaker with 4-5 ice cubes.  Shake to chill and mix.  Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. 

The sweet honey flavor of the krupnik mixes well with the bourbon (much to my suprise) and mellows out the tart grapefruit juice.  This falls into the category of ingredients I’d never have put together, but once again I’ve learned that it works.  Now to get ready for the show! 


Day 67, Cocktail 62

Last night business associate and friend Miles was in town.  Miles is also a cocktail, wine and beer enthusiast, so naturally, we stopped by Bryant’s for a drink before going to dinner.  Propietor John Dye was behind the bar and as helpful as ever.  Miles experimented with a couple of bourbon based cocktails, Gwen had her usual Love and Happiness, Pete sampled a Hemingway daiquiri and another fruity cocktail.  Me?  I had a hankering for Scotch.  So John whipped up something called the Reluctant Tabby Cat (isn’t that a great name, or what?).  The base was Laphroig 12 year old Scotch.  The smokey, peat flavor came through, particularly on the finish.  Limoncello and sweet vermouth were also part of the mix.  The limoncello was very forward and was the first thing you tasted when taking a sip.  The vermouth provided a mid range undertone.  The drink was served in a coupe with a long rope of lemon peel.  All in all a very good cocktail.  While I did not ask about proportions, my guess would be 2 parts scotch and 1 part limoncello and 1/2 part sweet vermouth.

Tonight it’s the B-52’s for Summerfest, so my next post will be a cocktail ready made to get ready for the show!


Day 60, Cocktails 55 & 56

The nice thing about going to Bryant’s is that I can always catch up on cocktails.  Rarely do I have the same thing twice there, even in the same evening.  There are just too many new and delicious drinks to discover not to explore!  Yesterday I was there with proprietor John Dye behind the bar.  I told John I was in the mood for something appropriate for Summerfest eve.  He thought for a minute and then suggested this tasty number.


  • vodka
  • lychee liqueur
  • lemon juice
  • bar syrup

While I didn’t get the exact measures from John, I could probably figure it out in a couple of trys.  It’s served in a collins glass filled with cracked ice and garnished with a long twist of lemon. 

This was a very refreshing and sweet cocktail.  Bryant’s doesn’t serve much vodka, but in this case it provides the backbone for the lychee liqueur, which is a very sweet, tasty Chinese fruit.  Think along the lines of very ripe pear and your close, but not quite there.

The second new cocktail that I tried was a twist on a perfect manhattan.  This cocktail used bourbon, dry vermouth and cream sherry instead of sweet vermouth.  I have to admit, it’s not going to make it into my cocktail hall of fame.  While I enjoy a manhattan and I like sherry, this just didn’t quite hit the spot for me.