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April 25, 2011 – Toledo, OH

Ok, stepping back a bit here, to Monday, April 25th.  One of my new colleagues took me to The Attic on Adams for dinner and a couple of cocktails.  Dive bar was the first description that came to mind as we walked up the outdoor stairs to the Attic.  It’s situated on Adams Street above Mano’s Greek Restaurant.  A large bar open to both sides of the room dominated the main bar area and there’s also a pool table in a side room.  New twists on traditional pub fare were on the menu, but what really caught my eye were the homemade infused vodkas.

Now I know, and before you go all postal on me, yes, I usually don’t like flavored vodkas.  But when it’s homemade flavored vodka, all bets are off.  And the Attic’s vodkas are both good and creative!  At the suggestion of our bartender, the effervescent Amelia, I started with a homemade apple – watermelon infused vodka that was served with lemonade and ginger ale, garnished with a lime.


Delicious is the only way to describe this cocktail.  Light, refreshing with the apple and watermelon clearly coming through.  It was fruity without being sweet and the kind of cocktail I could drink all day by the pool during the summer.  Amelia was dead on with this one!

Since she did such a good job with the first I was ready to follow her recommendation for the second cocktail of the evening.  This drink featured the Attic’s homemade salsa vodka.  That’s right, salsa vodka.  It was vodka infused with tomato, garlic, jalapeno, onion and cilantro.  It is served with pineapple juice and just a splash of lime juice and orange juice.

Damn, this was fantastic!  I wanted to grab a bowl of tortilla chips and dig in!  The salted rim (done at my suggestion) really finished off the presentation of this cocktail.  It truly tasted like liquid salsa – with a punch! 

If you find yourself near downtown Toledo, take the time to find the Attic and try one of their homemade flavored vodkas.  You won’t be disappointed.  I know they’ve inspired me to try some of my own this summer.

April 26, 2010 – Maumee, OH

With apologies to Samuel Clemens, the rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated (and thankfully so!).  Adapting to a busy travel schedule, however, has been a bit of a challenge, but I think I have it close to figured out.  So, without further adieu, here we go.

I was in Toledo at HQ last week for training.  In addition to learning about the new job and company, I also had the chance to sample a couple of local nightspots.  On Tuesday night I found myself at The Village Idiot  with several of my new colleagues.  1 part sports bar, 1 part pizza parlor, 1 part rock ‘n roll music haven, the Idiot is as eclectic as it gets.  With a basic bar and some good local and regional beers on tap, you won’t go thirsty.  However, the draw is the pizza, and while I didn’t have any (having had a forgettable dinner earlier), it looked and smelled great. 

I’ve always enjoyed a place that has a live band.  You just can’t beat the energy a band generates, and this held true on Tuesday with the Chris Shutter Band on stage.  A Toledo favorite, Chris and his band play a mix of classic rock covers and their own original songs.  They offer an upbeat tempo that got the crowd into the music and moving on the dance floor.  He also draws a very mixed crowd, with the audience running from 20 somethings in jeans and t-shirts to 60 somethings in business casual, and everything in between, all brought together by the great music being played. 

The bottom line?  If you find yourself in Toledo with an evening free, definitely take the short drive out to Maumee and check out The Village Idiot or find out from the locals where the Chris Sutter Band will be playing.  You can’t go wrong with either choice!