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Day Five, Cocktail Five
I want to take a moment and talk about the cocktail glass.  As with food and other assorted past times, the right equipment aids in the enjoyment of whatever it is you’re doing.  In the case of cocktails, the right glass adds to the enjoyment of a well made drink. When I said I wanted to talk about the cocktail glass I am referring to a specific glass and not the entire range of glasses that drinks are served in (although over time, I’ll get to all of them).  The glass I am talking about is what you may think of as a martini glass.  However, to me (ever the purist, although my friends just call me anal) it is properly called a cocktail glass.  Of course, a martini is just one the may cocktails that are served in this glass.  But don’t take my word on it…check it out for yourself: has the same definition as mine. 

A few of the cocktail glasses from The Twilight Lounge

So why use a cocktail glass?  Well, the drinks served in this glass will generally share two characteristics.  They will be served chilled and at least one of the ingredients will be an aromatic (the stuff you smell in your food and drinks).  Just like a wine glass, the stemmed cocktail glass allows you to hold your drink without warming it with your hand.  And, again, similar to the wine glass, the large bowl allows you to breathe in the aroma of your drink as you sip (yes, I said sip – these drinks aren’t made for slamming!).  The glasses I have at The Twilight Lounge are either 4 or 6 ounces.  I generally use the 4 ounce glasses for boozy drinks like martinis or manhattans.  For drinks with more juice that are fruitier such as a cosmopolitan I’ll use the 6 ounce glass.  For the recipes I publish, a good guide to remember is that with 3 ounce of ingredients you can use the four ounce glass and if there is 4-5 ounces of ingredients use the 6 ounce glass.  You’ll be filling the glass up since the you’ll pick up some additional liquid from the melting ice that your drink will be mixed with.
I have a number of cocktail glasses that have been collected over the years.  Some have come from Goodwill – hey, don’t knock it, it’s a great place to find “vintage” barware on the cheap!  Others were gifts or purchased because I liked the look.  That’s the fun of collecting barware in general.  It allows me to express myself and have fun!

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