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Day 81, Cocktails 84 & 85  

On Thursday night Gwen and I decided to try out Foundation Bar in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood.  It had been suggested to me by John Dye at Bryant’s as a great tiki bar.  John, you are correct! 

From the moment we walked in to the shotgun style establishment I was taken by the total tiki atmosphere.  Lights, paintings and tiki’s galore were all spot on.  Bamboo, monkeys and surfboards are everywhere.  When we arrived around 8pm softer, lounge style tiki music was playing (think Ultra Lounge).  By 10pm the music had shifted to a more up tempo surf vibe that was perfect. 

Although Foundation claims to have Milwaukee’s best Mai Tai (and I’m sure they do after watching several of them being made, we didn’t try one on this trip (I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities in the future!).  Instead, I chose from the large tiki drink menu, selecting cocktails that included the glass.  Yep, that’s right, order a Surfrider or Bora Bora Headhunters Punch and you keep the glass!  (The refill, by the way is only$7, a $3 discount from the price with the glass).  

So, first, the fellow on the left. 

Bora Bora Headhunter Punch 

In addition to the rums used peach schnapps give this punch a distinct flavor, melding with the citrus and pineapple juices.  Very tasty, but also very strong (think Long Island Iced Tea or Brainbuster here), you don’t want more than one of you want to enjoy the rest of your evening! 



This is a vodka based drink, which is nice as it lets the blend of fruit juices take center stage and not have to compete with the stronger flavor of rum.  A very tasty cocktail that went down easy and was not too syrupy as juiced cocktails can get.  

By the time I was into my Surfrider Don Nelson, one of the forces behind Foundation, arrived behind the bar.  I had the chance to chat a bit with Don and found that his passion for tiki is real.  He has handpicked the decor items himself, using authentic sources from points around the South Pacific.  Don, you’ve done a great job!  I’ll be back, that is for sure! 


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  1. We are looking forward to more.

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